New Colombo Plan Scholarships - Travel to Indonesia and Help Save Species

Southern Cross University

A fantastic opportunity for Southern Cross students to participate in valuable scientific research in community and conservation projects in Southern Sumatra, Indonesia in February 2019. Scholarships are available. Applications close September 10.


Availability: 4/07/2018 - 10/08/2018

Time required: Not yet defined

Duration: Not yet defined

Location: various, Indonesia

Requires face to face contact:  Yes



This project will run February 10 – 23, 2019 (20 places) in Way Kambas National Park (Southern Sumatra). Way Kambas covers 1,300 square kilometres in Lampung province and consists of swamp forest and lowland rain forest. The park still has a few critically endangered Sumatran Tigers, Sumatran Elephants and Sumatran Rhinoceroses. It also provides excellent bird watching, with the rare White-winged Wood Duck among the over 400 species present in the park. Activities include:
• Help the Elephant Conservation Centre in the park develop an education/interpretive program.
• Raising funds to help with conservation projects
• Help with Tourism strategies.
• Art projects
• Help care for elephants
• Undertake a survey of nesting hollows used by the White Winged Duck in Bambangan Swamp
• Map Wetlands and do fish surveys
• Teach swimming and English to villages and those working on elephants conservation
• Deploy and analyze the data from camera traps and help design a system to protect them from poachers, elephants and fire
• Think about strategies to keep elephants in the park to avoid conflicts.

Who is Eligible to Apply?
Australian Citizens who are :
• SCU students
• Undergraduate Students (which includes the honors year).

First round applications close 10/08/2018


These projects will provide real life environmental and social outcomes to a range of issues faced in Indonesia and will develop your professional research skills, while having an unforgettable overseas adventure.


Provides valuable scientific research in community and conservation projects in a developing country as well as beneficial international community development experience for undergraduate students.



The benefits to students include skills development, and the experience will look really good on your CV. Scholarships for travel are competitive, and all on ground expenses are covered.



The funding is a scholarship towards travel and accommodation. This is not a tour, but is a great opportunity to do valuable community and conservation projects, learn some Bahasa Indonesian, meet some great people, get some overseas development experience (not to mention the scholarship looks good on your CV).


Scholarships are available for travel with all on ground expenses covered. Academics will be travelling with the students.