Activate Public Space at Rowan Robin Park, Kingscliff NSW

Tweed Shire Council

Tweed Shire Council invites students to participate in researching, planning, implementing, and evaluating a program of activation for the park, including events, live music and/or health and wellness activities in the park for the community.


Availability: 2/07/2018 - 2/07/2018

Time required: Not yet defined

Duration: 15 weeks

Location: Australia

Requires face to face contact:  Yes



The main aims of the project are to:
• Ensure the park is used by the community.
• Provide activities in the park that will benefit the local community.
• Support Council to develop a short to medium term approach to activation of the park.

Students will assist Council staff with programming activities in the park in the short term, including possible evaluation of events, as well as provide information for consideration as part of longer term approach to activating the park.


• Assist with programming activities/ events in the park for the benefit of the local community.
• Providing information to Council staff regarding the activation of Rowan Robinson Park and public space more generally in the short and medium term.
• There may also be an opportunity to liaise with local business and/ or residents regarding their needs and interests in activation of the park, and obtain feedback from park users regarding specific activities or events.


• Ensure a significant piece of public infrastructure within the Shire is used to benefit the community.
• Ensure the activation of Rowan Robinson Park is informed by a considered approach.
• Conduct evaluation (where possible) in order to learn and improve the experience of users of the park.



Students will gain:
• Experience planning, coordinating and evaluating small scale community activities and events.
• Knowledge of activation of open space/ public parks within regional NSW.
• Familiarity with planning, policy, and administration at local government.
• Benefit from establishing relationships within Tweed Shire Council, Kingscliff community, and other stakeholders (such as the individuals and/ or organisations that are scheduled into the park during this project).



One of the initial tasks will be to conduct a brief literature review of activation of public space through arts and cultural activities, as well as health and wellness initiatives. It would be convenient if SCU could assist students to ensure the literature is of a manageable size (i.e. so students can gain some awareness to help with the project, without taking on too much reading). Council staff can also provide some guidance and direction to students at the start of the project.

An initial meeting at the start of the project to establish a relationship and clarify expectations.


Tweed Shire Council can provide:
• Knowledge and expertise in the area of community engagement and event planning.
• Time to support students gain experience and insight into local government and professional work environment.
• Funds to hold activities and events in the park during session 2 (such as live music in the park in the afternoon, etc.).