Marketing Strategy for Third Agers to Participate in Learning and Fun - Project

Marketing Strategy for Third Agers to Participate in Learning and Fun

U3A Twin Towns Inc.

The development of a low cost marketing strategy for a community based volunteer organisation.


Availability: Open

Time required: Not yet defined

Duration: Not yet defined

Location: 4 Boyd Street, Tugun, Queensland, Australia

Requires face to face contact:  No



The main aims of the project are:
1. Identification of the key stakeholders and target market within the locality;
2. Development of a low cost marketing strategy aimed at awareness and recruitment; and
3. Provision of a “real life” opportunity for learning for a marketing student/s.


The expected outcomes of the project are:
• A marketing plan that identifies key stakeholders within the community and key strategies through which they can be reached;
• The development of a plan and tools that meet the requirements of the community organisation and the assessment requirements of the student/s.


Because of limited expertise and resources the organisation relies on word of mouth and occasional media exposure in its attempt to meet the needs of its constituency and attract new members.
The project should provide guidance in the identification of potential supporters and/or stakeholders within our area of influence; the type of curriculum and social activity in which their interests lie; and the development of a low budget strategy to more widely promote the purpose of the organisation and support membership recruitment.



This project provides an ideal opportunity for a student/s to design a program that involves research, strategy design, and measurement of program effectiveness using a real life situation.
The project also offers the opportunity for student/s to develop professional relationships and will provide them with exposure to professional networking opportunities.



SCU could contribute the expertise for the design of a marketing program targeted at supporters and potential participants in activities which promote healthy minds and active bodies for those in their third age.
This project offers the opportunity for course designers to develop an intern experience for a single student or an assignment program for a group of students, based on a real life situation.


U3A Twin Towns is a volunteer organisation. Its members are drawn from a diverse background in work and life experience. Enthusiasm for life and learning is a common attribute within the organisation.
Should this project become a reality, the life experience and enthusiasm of U3A Twin Towns members will be available. Limited funds would be made available for the implementation of strategies and/or communication tools prescribed as part of the program.