Digitising community records of the Koala at Hawks Nest/ Tea Gardens

Great Lakes Council

The project will digitise sightings records of Koalas from the Endangered Koala Population of Hawks Nest/ Tea Gardens for population monitoring purposes and for informing recovery actions


Availability: 3/08/2015 -  

Time required: Not yet defined

Duration: Not yet defined

Location: Great Lakes Council Office
Breese Parade
, Forster, New South Wales, Australia

Requires face to face contact:  Yes



• To digitise the community sightings of Koalas from the Hawks Nest/ Tea Gardens area on Great Lakes Council's GIS system (MapInfo) to inform population monitoring and recovery planning and action.
• Overlay sightings information on Urban Koala Habitat mapping to inform strategic planning regarding koala habitat priorities and movement areas.


• Digitised Koala sightings on Council's GIS system.
• Brief technical report on the methods and discussion of the digitisation process for publishing on Council's website.
• Analysis of important urban Koala habitats for the Endangered Koala Population of Hawks Nest/ Tea Gardens.


The lack of digitised Koala sightings data precludes analysis of important areas of habitat, population trends, home range usage and movement corridors. The project will assist and inform strategic planning and recovery actions for this Endangered Population



The student would form part of a multi-disciplinary team engaged in recovery actions for this Endangered Population. They would receive applied experience in GIS mapping, habitat analysis, threatened species recovery planning and strategic planning. They would work alongside expert practitioners and the community in a proactive recovery program.



Other than the student, no additional inputs are sought from SCU


• Office work-station including computer, software etc.
• Technical support
• Other project resources, including vehicle, field equipment, etc.