Prospero Street Placemaking Project - Project

Prospero Street Placemaking Project


Design a concept plan to bring this once exciting art deco area of South Murwillumbah back to life! Get the streets buzzing with the sounds of creativity.


Availability: 3/08/2015 - 29/06/2018

Time required: Not yet defined

Duration: Not yet defined

Location: Prospero Street, Murwillumbah, New South Wales, Australia

Requires face to face contact:  Yes



• Develop a plan to beautify a run-down streetscape at the Murwillumbah town gateway.
• Connect the arts to business in a meaningful way
• Inspire design, incorporate famous art deco streetscape in a contemporary manner to inspire
• Draw vibrancy and inspire new creative spirit
• Create hubs and creative workspaces for innovation and design collectives, maker markets and visually stunning displays, night markets & events incorporating food, music compositions and design to encourage young artists in both visual and performance based arts.


• Create a plan for usable free-form space in and around the street block and adjacent square
• Creation of meaningful cultural precinct
• Inspire creative spirit in business that will become an economic driver for eco-tourism and the arts.
• Offer real-life creative spaces and opportunities for networking in the creatives.
• Create links between Tweed River Art Gallery and township/Arts & Creative groups
• Introduce digital technologies, small festival & events
• Use digital technologies in landscape & architecture highlights
• Create a sense of pride, develop links to inter-regional design, food & creatives vibrancy.


• Rejuvenate a run-down streetscape and business precinct
• Create links for short-medium stay tourism in Murwillumbah & surrounds
• Link Arts to Business as a whole by developing and extending visitation/links between town & Tweed River Art Gallery
• Encourage youth/creative job opportunities
• Create workable space for income generation, passive recreation and environmental awareness
• Develop links between passive tourism, green Cauldron, clean & green ideal, Murwillumbah/Tweed Shire regional art trail
• Development of cutting edge technologies to encourage investment and incubators.



• Use of research skills & class content - real life experiences
• On the job training, learning, networking, sharing of skills & knowledge
• Developing the project, sense of self
• Establish links to other learning opportunities
• Employment links
• Creating character, establishing identity, sense of place & belonging.



A team to link with me to create an operating committee or group for the project


• Links to Arts/business groups
• Human resources
• Local knowledge
• Advocacy.